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Anyone entering into, or wanting to stay in the mindset of Prosperity Psychology has to understand that it takes a unique set of thought processes  to not only create consistency with your goals, but maintain it sustainably to create a fulfilling and rising equity curve.  What does that mean?

You know when you are consistent, and when you are not.  Meaning, you may have cycles of profit and cycles of loss.  And during those cycles of loss, you might find yourself becoming frustrated that you cannot sustain your profitability.  This is where a Determined Fulfillment mindset, in other words the "KEY" skill (Keep Expanding Yourself) and "SOTA" - Skills of Thought Application -
come into play.

  • Being consistently successful in any field of work, simply means believing in yourself, having focus, believing in your analysis of any given situation during the work day - and maintaining your focus no matter what is going on around you, or across the planet in any given moment.
  • Being consistently successful simply means believing in your methodology and your approach to becoming successful - but also accepting when that approach no longer works and being willing to change yourself to adapt to current conditions.
  • Being consistently successful simply means following your rules and your business plan - rules and plan you must have in place to achieve your goals.
  • Being consistently successful - simply means learning your craft and learning it well ~ before you can move forward and increase your equity.
  • EXAMPLE:  I was invited by the Maricopa County Community Colleges to create a course for adults re-entering the workplace - it was two-fold; for returning homemakers, and for those adults seeking employment in a new field. 

     The first several weeks the class learned how to define their goals.  This was interesting, because although everyone in the class wanted to work in a different field - not one of them had defined what it is they wanted to do, other than "something new."  The next few weeks were focused on how to go about finding a new position - outlining their current skills, what new skills they may need - as well as their personal appearance.  The following weeks we went over classified ads, and put together concise resumes for the class to start posting on job site.

     One young man in my class stated that he wanted to change professions (he was currently the manager in a factory warehouse), into the field of electrical engineering because he had heard he could double his salary.  I asked him when he had received his degree in that field, or when he would be receiving his degree.  He stated he had no degree in that field, but he "knew electrical stuff" as he had re-wired his own home and helped friends do the same with their homes, so he wanted me to help him put together a "kick-ass" resume to get him into that field.  I explained that it would be highly unlikely without an engineering degree, to get hired in that field because it is a very detailed and technical type of profession, and suggested that he might try to get hired by the electrician's union, since he stated he knew how to re-wire his home, which might bring him more income - and then enroll in engineering classes somewhere.

     The young man became very upset and told me I didn't know what I was talking about and stormed out of the classroom.  He complained to the Dean of the college - who confirmed what I had said; that he needed an engineering degree, not just experience as manager of a warehouse or doing home-improvement jobs.  The Dean suggested he begin taking engineering classes at the community college to get him started on his goal; the young man said he "didn't have time" for any more classes, he just wanted to make more money.  The Dean asked him how he planned to do that without the required education or experience - the young man had no answer.

  • The point is - if you are not willing to make the effort - you will not achieve any goals you have set for yourself.

Being consistently successful, simply means ~ believing in yourself - but also a willingness to do what needs to be done to achieve what you want.

So let's assume you are ready to take that leap of faith and begin thinking and acting in a way that is supportive of your financial goals.  You are going to have to ask yourself ~

  • Am I willing to do the mental work that is required to achieve my goals?
  • Am I willing to step outside the box and start creating the types of financial results I want ~ not what anyone else may say I should have, or who I should be?
  • Many people would say yes...but is that YOU?

In other words, are you willing to make a commitment to yourself to achieve your goals? 

If so, I am here to emphatically state that you can achieve your goals!  It just takes a commitment to instill a unique mindset (SOTA) to do so.  A mindset that sees opportunity everywhere and at any time.  And it is never too late to start!

"The approach in my coaching is that anyone can achieve their goals - at any age - but they have to be willing to do the work for a rich,
prosperous life."

Believe in yourself right now ~ and have a determination to expand that belief into action ~ and you will move into the mindset of a consistently successful person in any profession.

If you are ready to take your success to the next level ~if you are ready to "make an investment in yourself" then my coaching is for you!

Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"


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Bob ~ Los Angeles

"Your explanations really turned the light bulb on for me.  I am grateful for such clear material.  I can move forward with building my medical practice now."

D. Ward ~ Israel


"You have to know what you believe to be effective at creating your financial future."

"Paula T"