"You have to be determined to create your own path to success.  When you no longer subscribe to what anyone else has told you ~ about what you can or can't do, or who you can or won't be ~ then you are firmly on your way to achieving your trading or financial goals."

What Really Matters

"The first
important thing to
begin creating the life you want ~ is to define your goals."

Paula T

After leaving the trading floor in 1984, Paula began a career as Personal Assistant to some of the most successful CEOs in the U.S. today, as well as U.S. Senators for several years.  During this time, she continued to assist Mark Douglas with typing and editing his first book "The Disciplined Traderâ„¢" until it was published.   While working with traders of all levels of expertise and experience alongside Mark, CEOs, and U.S. Senators, she learned from these confident, successful mindsets ~ just what it takes to create sustainable prosperity and the life you desire ~ from a mental perspective.   What she found was that thinking and wishing about becoming successful leads to just that ~ thinking and wishing.  Paula was taught, and learned, through her professional experience with these executives, traders, and Mark, combined with her interactions with traders and while trading herself ~ that to experience the type of success you dream of, you have to think differently than your co-workers, management, family, friends, and anyone else. 

She then began coaching the partners or spouses of traders that she met in the mid-1990s - helping them understand the "mindset" of the traders they lived with and/or were married to.  And in 1991 she was invited by Mark to manage his coaching business full-time, as well as traveling with him across the globe to speak at, or exhibit at, investment conferences.  In 2000, she expanded her own coaching, working with anyone who is seeking a higher and sustainable financial income.  She currently provides these services through decades of expertise, personal inspiration, and practical skill sets - teaching clients that to become more financially secure, they must first - believe in themselves. 

In other words, you have to acquire a "prosperity mindset" to create your own success ~ no matter what anyone else may be doing, or saying, to you or about you.  In 2000 she set about creating her unique "Paula T's" Now Moment of Success, her one-on-one coaching programs, as well as becoming an award-winning author, all the while continuing her investment trading - from that point forward, with the mindset of having an "investment in herself!" 

This is the expertise she now brings to you through her products and coaching services, so that you too can achieve and sustain
your goals of financial success!


"I combine my desire to teach with an enthusiasm to assist my clients in achieving their highest goals."

Paula's clients run the gamut of all work environments ~ including traders entering the game of trading from other careers; many still working at those other careers while learning how to trade as well.  Her clients range from secretaries, engineers, doctors, attorneys, carpenters, mechanics, homemakers, caregivers ~ in other words, people with all levels of education and professional experience.  Keep in mind ~ you do not have to have any type of advanced degree or business experience ~ to be able to create the mindset of a successful person - and achieve and sustain your financial goals! 

Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"