"Deanna is not only a good friend, she has been instrumental in providing a compassionate and safe atmosphere for her clients over the years.  She is very adept in her field of expertise."

Mark Douglas -www.markdouglas.com

"Deanna has great spirit and one who really cares about “you”. I felt the ease in speaking with her and realized how important it is to take time to be thankful even in this busy world that we are in. Thank you Deanna for your prayers, teaching, and for simply being there."

Wes - Phoenix AZ

"Over the years, practically over this entire lifetime, I have had many occasions to ask Deanna for her help with many various issues with my health and life situations, and also with my friends and family.  With her divine gifts, I have had healing that I would truly consider to be miraculous, healing that I could actually feel being performed.  She has the gift of connection to the higher realms and uses her gifts to help all who ask. I know without a doubt that Deanna is here to be of help to humanity.  She is truly a blessed spirit who loves and gives without thought to herself."

​Dixie M.

​"I am so thankful for the many prayers Deanna sent my beloved border collie Broker.  Two top handlers and judges felt he had serious hip problems, and I asked Deanna to pray and send Reiki to Broker. I picked him up from the handler and took him for hip and spine  X-rays, and he got a clear report from the vet!  Deanna has helped me with my own shoulder problems. Then my dog Celidiah was near time for her run at a sheepdog trial and she was limping.  Deanna sent healing to her and she ran without a hitch, and she received a second place ribbon! I am most thankful for her ability to help those who can't ask for themselves!"

Sally - North Carolina

"I want to thank you for your intercession on my behalf. I had my right knee replaced on June 23, 2016. All was going well and the pain medications were working.  Piece of cake!  Then Tuesday came, no one told me that I needed to call for medication as needed, so as I lay in the hospital bed, the pain medications in my knee wore off, the pain medications in my body wore off, and I started shaking and then crying from the pain. The nurses came in, gave me something, but no avail. I called you and you must have thought I was crazy because I was hysterical. You calmed me down and started calmly talking and praying, and I was praying right along with you. Little by little, I stopped crying and then stopped shaking and the pain eased. I do not attribute any of that to the medications because I had already given them time to work. I contribute my relief directly to Deanna and the healing that she did and continues to do with me. I can feel your continued prayers.

I had the left knee replaced December 2014, it was incredibly painful until you advised me to bless and thank the old knee, and the new knee!   This right knee has been so much easier in the healing process. The pain is less, the knee has recovered faster and I am sleeping well at night. I give you credit for all of this as we continue to work on this knee.  You know you helped me with my back years ago when we first met. We hadn't seen each other in a year or so, but in the hospital bed, as I lay there hurting, I knew that spiritually you could reach out to me and your love and positive prayers to Creator for help would be mine. Thank you Dear Friend for all that you do. Thank you for your friendship and I thank God for your healing gift."

Your friend,  M.D. Palmer 

"In December 2013 I woke up with a pinched nerve in my back. This malady was extremely painful~with shooting pains running down my right arm, making it virtually impossible for me to work for almost two straight weeks. Trying to heal naturally with alternative heat and ice packs,unfortunately I continued to endure excrutiating pain. Since I know that our thoughts create our illnesses, and I knew I had precipitated this "injury" I did my best to move out of the illness "mindset" and into a mindset of healing. Unfortunately I was not successful by myself, therefore, when I realized I was not powerful enough, and did not have the most appropriate skills to facilitate my healing, I called Deanna.

I have known Deanna in a professional and personal capacity for decades. Her profession is in real estate and interior design; however her spirit is in healing. Along with being the consummate professional in real estate, she is an ordained interfaith minister~as well as an Intuitive Healer. Over the years, I have contacted Deanna when a situation was troubling, and her wise words and prayers always provided emotional and spiritual comfort. This was the first time I requested a physical healing and I was not disappointed. 

As I explained the nature of the situation that precipitated my illness over the phone, Deanna listened quietly. When I was done speaking, she simply asked if I would sit still and let her pray, which I did for several minutes. When she had completed her silent prayer, she also prayed over me out loud, and as she was finishing her prayers, it was as if a weight was being lifted from my shoulders. The next morning, when I woke up the agonizing pain was gone.  All that was left was a sort of ache, not unlike a pulled muscle or a bruise.

Deanna provided a safe and secure environment over the telephone for me to explore a healing with her, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for her expertise, her compassion and her effectiveness at healing my malady. This does not have to be done in person. Deanna's rates are reasonable but her healing is priceless!"

Paula T. Webb - www.paulatwebb.com