For those of you not familiar with my work - I love to remind everyone that it is key to define and refine your terminology world.  What do I mean by that?  We grow up in societies that use words with commonly agreed-upon definitions.  However, every one of us has a different definition of many common words.  And especially the word 'prosperity' - my definition would not be the same as yours.  For instance - in Roget's Thesaurus we can find the following definitions for the word "prosperity" -

  • wealth, affluence, opulence, fortune, luck, destiny, providence

I think you get the idea.  So, which - if any - of the above terms applies to "your" definition of prosperity? 

  • Or do any of the terms apply? 
  • Some, a few, one, or none? 

The point is, you have to determine for yourself, just what "being" prosperous means - to you.  Not to anyone else.  Not to your family, your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your siblings, your co-workers, your boss, and so forth.  When you live by other people's definitions of what it means to be prosperous, you will not achieve your own financial goals, because you have no focus of your own.  You have no focus when you have not determined what it means to be prosperous, for you.  Do you believe it is your destiny to be prosperous? Do you think you believe you are currently prosperous?  Most people cannot answer those questions - or if they can, the answers are not 100% positive.  See the "Examples" page which will give you great examples of what it means to know what the discipline of prosperity means to you - and that could mean financially, mentally, physically.

Until you research within your mind, what your current thoughts and beliefs are with regard to being prosperous and successful and what that means to "you" - you will not be able to move forward and create, much less expand your personal wealth.  Just like with the markets - every single trader across the world - has their own idea of where the market is headed each and every day.  Their opinions, their analysis, their data is what keeps the markets in constant motion!  The markets are full of every trader's thoughts and energies - because money is energy.  This is the driving force behind each trade - making money, and making more money.  And if you do not know what you believe about prosperity, or what you were taught about money, you will not be able to increase your income to the degree you desire.

For instance, you may have been taught in a way or ways that preclude you from achieving your highest financial goals - such as the simple statement mis-quoted comment by many - " is the root of all evil..."  For the record, that statement is taken from a speech given by George Bernard Shaw who was asked to speak before a number of world leaders in the early 1900's, about why crime exists.  Mr. Shaw stated that - "...the lack of money is the root of all evil..."  But if you believe the mis-quoted statement, or some such similar statement, then it would be almost impossible for you to create, and sustain, your highest financial goals - because that belief would create a conflicting set of beliefs in your mental environment that may create "boom & bust" cycles over and over.  (See our book The Complete Trader for an entire chapter explaining conflicting beliefs - or contact us for personal coaching.)  This is a concept that initially may be rather confusing, but a most important concept that you need to understand to create and sustain your personal wealth.   

In other words, you have to begin to take a mental inventory of what you were taught, and still believe, about being prosperous and successful - and change any limiting beliefs into more productive ones.

Anyone and everyone can achieve their idea of personal wealth, of their own ideas of prosperity!  As Omar Sharif's character in the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" states to Peter O'Toole's character, after hearing O'Toole lament that he is illegitimate and would not inherit his wealthy father's estate - "..truly for some men it is written - but you are free to choose your own name..."  Meaning, it is a decision that each one of us makes, every single day -

  • Are you going to dwell on what hasn't appeared in your financial future yet? 
  • Are you going to blame others? 
  • Are you going to blame your trading system, your trading edge, or the markets? 
  • Are you going to blame (?) for your lack of success?

Or are you going to start believing that you can create a focus, maintain that focus - and most importantly sustain the focus you create, to achieve your financial goals?  It truly is up to you.  And I am here to help you to create, maintain, and sustain - meaning, "your" ideas of prosperity and success.

So how do you go about achieving more, when you feel -

  • you have already tried but feel it didn't work
  • you don't see how you have any time to do more
  • you aren't sure you believe you can be anything other than what you are, right here, right now
  • you feel the odds are against you
  • you want to keep the faith that you will be more successful than you were yesterday, but
  • you have no idea how to get started!

What I provide you is a set of skills to understand you don't need staff, you don't need a higher education - you do not need anything but a belief in yourself to achieve what you want.  How do you get started you may ask?  You make a "commitment to yourself."  Even though this concept is simple - it does take work.  And - you have to be willing to work at it - because it does not happen overnight...but it will happen, if you are determined to make it happen.  How do I know this?  Because I have done it!  I do not come from a wealthy family, nor do I have an Ivy League education.  I worked my way up from entry-level - and along the way worked with some great CEOs who taught me that I had to "think" prosperously.  (See my book "Independent Prosperity.")  Combining that mindset with a positive and unique psychological approach - I found and you will too - that the sky is the limit to what you can achieve!

"The extent to which we fulfill our needs and achieve our goals with any degree of satisfaction is, first, a function of our ability to recognize those needs, and formulate those goals." ©

You get started on your path to financial success by what I say as making an investment in yourself.  No matter whether you want to move from trading part-time to full-time, or whether you are simply ready to do something else - you can realize your financial dreams.  

How do you do achieve your financial dreams?  Give my office a call for your free 15-minute personal chat to find out!

What Do You Need To Do To Be A Success?


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Call me at 760-832-9297!

My "Discipline of Trading Psychology" is a mindset of knowing you will "do what needs to be done" to achieve your goals.  Whether those goals are financial (trading the markets) or personal.  Because, you cannot achieve financial success - without instilling the unique mindset that all successful people have.