False Claims on the Internet

Please note, many people on the Internet claim to have "worked with" or have "known" Mark Douglas.

They write lengthy articles extolling the virtues of trading psychology and quoting Mark extensively using his materials without permissions - trying to act as experts.

They are not experts in trading psychology.  You will note that all of these people writing articles and selling services - posted them AFTER Mark Douglas died.   Why?

  • They did not know Mark Douglas.
  • They never met Mark Douglas.  
  • They never wrote their articles or posted products claiming endorsements until after he was dead, because they are only using his name to make money for themselves - why?
  • Because if they had posted their comments using his materials and claiming they were experts at trading psychology when he was alive - they would have exposed themselves to litigation for plagiarism, Internet piracy, as well as false claims of their products and/or services being endorsed by Mark Douglas.

There is not one person on the Internet today anywhere in the world, that has been endorsed by Mark Douglas.

There is not one trading firm providing any type of services or products, in any country, that has been endorsed by Mark Douglas.

There is no one in the trading community today, no where across the planet, who is authorized to teach, and is expert at, the Mark Douglas materials - except Paula T. Webb.

We cannot stress this enough - for your benefit!  If you truly want to make an investment in your financial future - come to the "SOURCE" - right here.  Don't settle for others trying to imitate; it may be very costly to you.

Please contact our office if someone claims expertise in the field of trading psychology using Mark's name or materials.