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What is the definition of a Teacher or Mentor?

We all know what a coach is, right?  Someone who:

  • knows how the game is played
  • knows the game inside and out
  • sees winning talent in each player
  • and uses that knowledge to support each player ~ to win

In achieving your personal and/or financial goals it is no different.  You have to first know:

  • how you are performing and why;
  • upgrade your mental performance - your mindset - to begin to achieve your goals; and
  • "do what needs to be done" to win at any profession - in other words, learn how to step into the "Now Moment of Success."

    As one of the "best of the best" I will assess what is needed for you to achieve your goals ~ based on what you desire to achieve with your financial future ~ and help you instill a more expansive, prosperous, and productive mindset. 

    In other words, you will learn how to K.E.Y. - "Keep Expanding Yourself" - to manage your thoughts and mindset in such a manner that you will achieve your trading and/or financial and/or personal goals - if you are willing to do the work, and make an investment in yourself.  All of what we do together will be directed by what you want to achieve - not what anyone else may think you should achieve.

How do you know if you need a Coach?

How do you know if you don't have the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology?

That's simple.

  • If you are not satisfied with how much money you currently make;
  • If you are not satisfied with your current level of progress in your career;
  • If you generally feel that you have not accomplished what you thought you would financially;
  • if you feel your personal relationships are not supportive of what you desire;
  • You feel it may be getting too late to make it as a successful trader - or successful anything ~

And keep in mind - the Discipline of Prosperity Psychology is not just about money.  It is a mindset of believing - and knowing - that you are prosperous right now, today.  And if you do not believe that, which most people do not so you are not alone - then taking advantage of my services will be of great benefit to you.

What can you expect to achieve from working with me?

  • Respect.  Respect for who you are right now.  You have accomplished a lot at this point in your life, but may have just forgotten that!  We will initially work on getting you back to a positive center.  Why?  If you are not coming from a positive set of beliefs and thought processes - you will not see opportunity in the markets or anywhere else - it doesn't work any other way.
  • New Strategy.  A strategy for building confidence, a sense of self-worth and entitlement ~ which only comes from a foundation of courage.  Meaning, having the courage to step into what you truly want and instilling "SOTA" - which are Skills of Thought Application, which are needed to instill your "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology."
  • Thinking Methodology.  A thought process that creates the belief that you can have what you want ~ you can have it all.   If you believe you can.  You will learn how to update outdated ideas or thoughts and instill more expansive skill-sets to create the prosperity mindset you need to succeed.
  • Determination.  Giving yourself the 'permission' to go for it ~ to achieve what you want to in life, no matter what anyone else is saying to you.
  • Satisfaction.  What does satisfaction mean to you?  You will learn the answer to that in our work together.  Satisfaction can mean a job well done, increased results, sustained prosperity, renewed relationships ~ and a confidence of knowing you can sustain your personal and/or financial goals from this point forward.

Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"