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What is the definition of a Teacher or Mentor?

We all know what a coach is, right?  Someone who:

  • knows how the game is played
  • knows the game inside and out
  • sees winning talent in each player
  • and uses that knowledge to support each player ~ to win

In achieving your financial goals it is no different.  You have to first know:

  • how you are performing and why;
  • upgrade your mental performance to begin to achieve your goals; and
  • "do what needs to be done" to win at any profession - in other words, learn how to step into the "Now Moment of Success."

    As one of the "best of the best" I will assess what is needed for you to achieve your goals ~ based on what you desire to achieve with your financial future ~ and help you instill a more expansive, prosperous, and productive mindset. 

    In other words, you will learn how to K.E.Y. - "Keep Expanding Yourself" - to manage your thoughts and mindset in such a manner that you will achieve your trading and/or financial goals - if you are willing to do the work, and make an investment in yourself.  All of what we do together will be directed by what you want to achieve - not what anyone else may think you should achieve.

How do you know if you need a Coach?

That's simple.

  • If you are not satisfied with how much money you currently make;
  • If you are not satisfied with your current level of progress in your career;
  • If you generally feel that you have not accomplished what you thought you would financially;
  • if you feel your personal relationships are not supportive of what you desire;
  • You feel it may be getting too late to make it as a successful trader - or successful anything ~

Then taking advantage of my services will be of great benefit to you.

What can you expect to achieve from working with me?

You can expect to accomplish the following:

  • Respect.  Respect for who you are right now.  You have accomplished a lot at this point in your life, but may have just forgotten that!  We will initially work on getting you back to a positive center.  Why?  If you are not coming from a positive set of beliefs and thought processes - you will not see opportunity in the markets or anywhere else - it doesn't work any other way.
  • New Strategy.  A strategy for building confidence, a sense of self-worth and entitlement ~ which only comes from a foundation of courage.  Meaning, having the courage to step into what you truly want and instilling "SOTA."
  • Thinking Methodology.  A thought process that creates the belief that you can have what you want ~ you can have it all.   If you believe you can.  You will learn how to update outdated ideas or thoughts and instill more expansive skills to create the prosperity mindset you need to succeed.
  • Determination.  Giving yourself the 'permission' to go for it ~ to achieve what you want to in life, no matter what anyone else is saying to you.
  • Satisfaction.  What does satisfaction mean to you?  You will learn the answer to that in our work together.  Satisfaction can mean a job well done, increased results, sustained prosperity ~ and a confidence of knowing you can sustain your financial goals from this point forward.

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Also, our office is the only place to go for verification about any product or book or service that makes claim to being endorsed or used by Mark Douglas or Paula T. Webb.  If you find a product/book/service that claims to be endorsed by either of them, or someone or some organization claims to be "friends" with or "have worked" with or was "licensed by" either Mark Douglas or Paula T. Webb, contact our office before purchasing or subscribing.  Currently there is only one (1) organization authorized to sell only one (1) product from our inventory.  NOTHING, NO ORGANIZATION(s), NO BROKERAGE FIRMS, NO SYSTEMS PROVIDERS, NO ONE, anywhere else, in any country, has been endorsed by, licensed by, or in any way authorized to coach or use any of our materials, by either Mark Douglas nor Paula T. Webb - and there are NO free downloads of any of our materials - no matter where you may find them.  This notice is for your benefit. 

There are numerous false claims on the Internet -
which will be detrimental to you and your financial goals.

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