Paula T. Webb has learned from the best of the best – from floor traders, to CEOs in corporate america, to U. S. Senators - Working alongside the most successful minds of our times. 

Her expertise spans decades of working with top industry professionals to bring you the highest skills to meet your goals.

"Great book products Paula, thank you!  I will follow up with more coaching once I get through the exercises you gave me already."

Jeremy - Forex Trader

"I recently purchased your "Independent Prosperity" and "Successful Wisdom for Prosperous Trading."  I really felt like I was stuck mentally and not able to move forward and get the income I know I can get, deep down inside of me.  Your books made it seem simple - and it really was!  Once I did the exercises, really did the exercises and was honest with myself, I began to see improvements in my attitude quite quickly.  I am looking forward to  to your coaching!"

Wallace - Business Owner/Trader, Georgia

"Paula T" is here to assist you in deciding what your goals are, and how to go about achieving them.

The Invictus institute

with "Paula T" - You have talked with the rest, now work with the best!


It's a "state of mind"

Understanding you need a definitive plan in place to succeed - She is here to assist you in creating "your" K.E.Y. plan for success.

Creating Your successful future

a SEASONED PROfessional

The Dynamics of Goal Achievement

She provides you with respect and integrity - and an assurance that you can create financial independence!