What is a "Champion" Mindset?


When I first mentioned writing my book "Championship Spirit" to a few friends several

years ago - a book which is about the limiting financial affects that past bullying still hold

on adults - their first question was, why?  Why would I write a book about events that

happened years ago and certainly had no bearing on anyone’s life today?  As I mulled over what they had asked, I had to wonder ~ does any bullying event ever really go away from our thoughts; do they ever really stop having any impact on our daily lives?  And I found that the answer, at least for me initially, was no.

The answer to begin with was no ~ in the sense that the events happened; they are a part of one’s history.  That is a fact.  And as I thought about it further, I had to ask, how many of us who were bullied ever took the time to dissect what happened, and discover how we might have processed those experiences in our mental environment, and how those very events may have changed us from some original course of life?  Meaning, what damage, or what positive outcome, did being bullied have on our lives ~ if any?

And I found that I had a multi-dynamic set of answers.  First, when interviewing others for the Events section of the book ~ I found that very few people had let go, or resolved a lot of their bullying experiences, although they stated that they had.  However, when relating their story or stories, the level of emotion and description was so intense and high, that it became apparent, even to those sharing, that the bullying event(s) were still quite fresh and current in their lives.  And for some, it was surprising, as well as disappointing.  Surprising and disappointing because they had convinced themselves that the bullying was in the past because it all happened so long ago, and had little connection to who they are today, especially if they had gone through some sort of therapeutic counseling.  At least at the surface, they felt the past bullying did not have any negative residue that was palpable.  And yet, at the end of their narratives, most of them would sigh or quietly laugh and say something to the effect that they wished they would have handled those events better, or maybe they would be a different person today if they had never happened at all ~ so in essence the negative energy of being bullied was a constant that all their current energy and life experiences seemed to be filtered down through.

So we have to ask ourselves honestly - have we, or do we ever really let go of being bullied?  And taking it a step further - how have these past experiences limited us from achieving our financial goals?  What we have to determine is -

  • When are you willing to let go of any emotional hoarding of those past events - and no longer give the bully or bullies any power over you and your future?
  • Are you willing to let go of that "comfort zone" of the bullying being a part of who you are?
  • More importantly - can you finally step into the "you" that you always wanted to be before the bullying; the "you" that is inside of you waiting to express itself in more positive, constructive and successful ways?

I bring this up because a number of my coaching clients - when describing what they want to achieve, begin to re-live past events with explanations of being talked out of, or into situations; being told they could not be a certain way, or do a certain type of work and so forth, which has lead them to frustration at not feeling successful (no matter who said what to them, whether friend, family or work-related) - all the while without realizing that these past events are not what "was" - but still quite what "is" in their lives, which is limiting their path to financial and/or personal success, whether trading the markets or in any other field.

Most people, at some point in their lives, have been bullied to some extent.  Statistics are beginning to show that large numbers of people have been called stupid, or lazy, or ugly, or useless, or a loser - and possibly even physically abused along with those derogatory terms. And the degree to which we hang onto those negative experiences - undermines everything we want to succeed at, because as we make decisions to move forward in life, those decisions are filtered through the insecurities about ourselves (no matter how small they are still significant by the mere fact they are there) - placed in our mental environment by others, by those bullies.  So, in essence, even though we may not 'consciously' think about those past events - they are still limiting our chances for the highest levels of success in life, because the past continues to have negative energy, in other words, undermines our thought processes in less-than-positive ways.

Keep in mind, the process of de-energizing past bullying does not have to be a lengthy, or painful experience.  Not at all!  It can be as simple as making a decision to let it go.  How?  By forgiving yourself for hanging onto old programming that is no longer useful for what you want to achieve.  And, by giving yourself 'permission' to find the "you" that you long for to achieve your financial goals.  Having a prosperity mindset goes hand-in-hand with having a mindset that you can achieve anything you set out to do!

This is a special field and one that is long past due for adults of past bullying.  Please note - I am not a psychologist or any other type of medical therapist.  I am, however, a person who has a solid foundation of knowing, and believing in, the unique human being I am - and who broke break free from the chains of negative energies of those past bullies. All this takes is a commitment to yourself, to move forward and live in the "now moment" - and no longer give the bully or bullies any more power, along with some unique skill sets to de-energize any non-productive or limiting thoughts.

In other words, to quote Mark Twain - "If you cannot find a good man to give you any compliment, give one to yourself!"  And taking this further, again with words from Mark Twain - "A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."

  • Start today to affirm who you already know you are - and let go of what happened yesterday. 
  • Begin today to start building a "Champion" mindset - meaning a mindset free from the negative energy of the past. 
  • Do you think an Olympic athlete dwells on the event he lost?  No - he trains for the next event. 
  • Think of Michael Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky, or Roger Nederer, or Mario Andretti...
  • He trains for the next event - the one he knows he will win because he learned from the previous event - and he knows he will do what needs to be done to win forward.
  • A "Champion"in any field is one who does what needs to be done to achieve their own goals - whatever they may be - no matter what age, no matter what level of education or experience.
  • A "Champion" knows, and believes, that they can accomplish what they set out to do, for themselves, first and foremost.
  • Be a "Champion" to YOU for today - and for your financial future!

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