"The Psychology of Winning" Live Workshop
by Mark Douglas & Paula T. Webb

Popularly known as the "Gurus" of trading psychology - Mark and Paula's
first two books "
Trading in the Zone™" and "The Disciplined Trader™"
are investment industry classics, and paved the way for countless

number of traders to find, and instill, a successful trader's mindset. 

In this presentation you will once again find Mark and Paula at their

best - teaching you how to "think like a pro." 

You will learn what it really takes to be a consistently successful trader, including material never before released.  Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in his video and interactive workshop with Paula…

  • Why trading with common sense and logic can absolutely wipe out your trading account (and how to automatically achieve the carefree, objective state of mind required to win)
  • The proven step-by-step blueprint to unlock your full trading potential
  • How to update your mental environment to create a mindset to sustain trading success
  • One way that a losing trader's mindset can be instantly transformed
  • The four core fears that plague almost every trader
  • How to know whether you should trade a mechanical, discretionary, or intuitive system
  • Why believing in probabilities is key to your long-term profitability
  • And more.

This workshop is open to serious investors only and limited to 5 attendees.  

Contact Paula for more information.


  • Released from Mark Douglas' private collection - Limited Edition, authentic, signed copies of "The Disciplined Trader" and "Trading in the Zone;" the Korean edition of "The Disciplined Trader;" and the simplified Chinese edition of "The Disciplined Trader" - copies that were only  available at our workshops.  Made available now ONLY through Paula T. Webb and BUH Productions.    Includes Certificate of Authenticity.    See our Store for information.

  • Also available from the Mark Douglas Archives - styro-foam coffee cups that Mark used to drink his favorite French Roast Brew from, while writing his first five books, and then once empty - draw his now-famous "abstract" characters upon while contemplating the next book chapter.  These are one-of-a-kind "doodles" from the Guru - never to be duplicated.  Each cup is encased in a glass display box.  ONLY available through Paula T. Webb and BUH Productions.  Includes Certificate of Authenticity.   See our Store for information.