"Creating a Probabilistic Mindset"
by Mark Douglas

Popularly known as the "Guru" of trading psychology - Mark Douglas'
first two books "
Trading in the Zone™" and "The Disciplined Trader™"
are investment industry classics, and paved the way for countless
traders to find, and instill, a successful trader's mindset.  In his latest
presentation given at the Simpler Trading private conference, you will
once again find Mark at his best - teaching you how to "think like a pro." 

In his presentation, you will learn what it really takes to be a consistently successful trader, including material never before released.  Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in his video…

  • Why trading with common sense and logic can absolutely wipe out your trading account (and how to automatically achieve the detached, objective state of mind required to win)
  • The proven step-by-step blueprint to literally retrain your brain and unlock your full trading potential (Nothing woo-woo or subjective, just simple steps anyone can follow - even if your trading results have been a train wreck)
  • How to hard-wire your brain for long term trading success in the shortest time possible (And why those who don't do this are certain to lose)
  • ONE way that a losing trader's mindset can be instantly transformed (this works especially well if you've suffered devastating losses).
  • The FOUR core fears that plague almost every trader (and the powerful one-time attitude tweak that erases them all).
  • How to know whether you should trade a mechanical, discretionary, or intuitive system (and why you MUST trade the right kind of system for YOU)
  • Why 'Probabilistic Principles' are the key to your long-term profitability (and why these simple concepts can help you escape the typical trader's instinctive emotional response to order flow)

BONUS: Online access to "Paula T's" video presentation at the
Winter 2016 Simpler Trading Mentorship event as well!
Contact Paula for more information.


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