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Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"


"Paula T's" - Hourly Consultations:  available in 1-hour increments with accompanying exercises.

Mentorship:  available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - tailored to your schedule and needs.

Performance "In The Moment":  coaching available - when you need it ASAP.

"Paula T's" Now Moment of Success Module:   Start understanding what it takes to be successful - today

Instilling a "Champion" Mindset:  Any adult who has been bullied in the past may not be achieving their highest goals.  Find out how to de-energize the past and step into your future.

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Becoming The Disciplined Trader™ Daily Trading Journal - expanded version by Paula T. Webb:  in this classic workbook originally created by Mark Douglas, you will find out just why it is so important to keep track of not only your trades, but your thoughts before, during and after each trade and trading day.

Living with a Trader 101 - CD & Workbook this product was created from the years of coaching Paula held with spouses, partners and S.O.'s of traders.  For those traders living with someone who has little to no knowledge of the markets, this product is key in developing and maintaining a positive relationship with them.

Meditation for Traders - CD & Workbook:  this is a guided visualization created by Paula T. Webb to assist traders in learning how to expand their mental concepts and learned ideas of abundance and prosperity.  This product is only geared toward those traders who are very familiar with visualization and meditation techniques.

Prosperous Feng Shui for Traders - CD & Workbook this product by Paula T. Webb was created to assist traders in understanding the necessity of trading in a space that is comfortable and positive.  If you do not like the space where you trade, you cannot focus 100% on your trading, and your results will reflect that.

Psychology Behind Trading Consistency - 2-CD set:  one of our most popular recordings by Mark Douglas.  This is a good way to initiate yourself to Mark's voice and concepts before taking one of his seminars.

Success Without Fear™ - CD & Workbook:  this product is based on Paula's popular book of the same name, only specifically geared toward traders.  In this audio recording and accompanying workbook, you will learn where common trading challenges stem from, and by doing the exercises included, can update your mindset to one that is free from fear.

What is the "Trading Zone?" - CD:  this is an audio lecture by Mark Douglas that is considered a good introduction to his materials and his psychological approach to creating your best trading results before moving on to one of his workshops.

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"Becoming The Disciplined Trader" Intensive:  Revamping the classic "The Disciplined Trader" - Paula has taken the original concepts set forth by Mark Douglas and expanded the material for today's trader.  With key examples of real-life coaching clients, this updated Intensive will bring home the understanding that "knowing" the concept of Trading Prosperity is not living or acting that type of mindset - you have to instill the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology" with that unique mindset.  (2018)

"How To Think Like a Professional Trader™" workshop - DVD:  the is a 4-part series by Mark Douglas to assist you in understanding the mindset needed to create and maintain consistency.  A must for traders with less than 5 years of trading, whether full- or part-time.  Includes 4 DVDs, accompanying manual and original version of the Disciplined Trader Daily™ Trading Journal.

"Path To Consistency" workshop - audio cassette:  this workshop also by Mark Douglas is only available to professional traders who have maintained consistency and are looking to take their results to a higher level.  This workshop is only for advanced traders. Includes 8 audio cassette tapes, accompanying manual, and unique Hemi-Sync CD used within the context of the workshop.  (Hemi-Sync products are "not" geared toward trading - however, you will learn how to use this specific recording to limit or eliminate common trading errors within the context of the workshop.)