Before founding her consulting firm in Behavioral Finance, "Paula T" worked with several
dynamic CEOs, U.S. Senators, traders - and:

  • Senior Partner - Baker & McKenzie; Thomas Nelson (retired)
  • Leader in the field of Trading Psychology; Mark Douglas (author of "Trading in the Zone™," "The Disciplined Trader™," "The Complete Trader" and more)
  • National Fundraiser - U.S. Senate Campaign Committee
  • Vice President - MidAmerica Commodity Exchange; Donald Nash (retired)
  • Fortune 100 Entrepreneur - (commercial real estate, executive search firms, nightclubs)
  • Founded The Invictus Institute in 1999 - and began coaching traders full-time

"Paula T" has been a regular contributor to:

NBC News, KXAM Finance Show, 21st Century Investments,
WizeTrade TV, INTA Conferences and Magazine, Herald Tribune, Arizona Midday, Achieve Radio, Scottsdale Tribune, a number of Chicago- and New York-based brokerage firms (chat-room host for futures traders during market hours - the only coach to do so), Good Life News, Financial Forum (Canada), Fibonacci Trader (Robert Krausz), Woodies CCI Club, and more.

She is an award-winning author of 15+ books and products and services, focusing on goal achievement including the popular "Independent Prosperity" which takes the reader along a path to increased and sustained financial freedom with updated thinking methodology; and "Success without Fear" a dynamic book that helps the reader understand how their beliefs create ~ or limit ~ their success.  Two more best-selling books are "Simple Wisdom for Prosperous Trading" including a book co-written with "Power of Your Mind" Consultant, Bonnie Marlowe - "And So It Is!"

"When you truly believe you are worth every penny you currently earn ~ then you can expand that belief or set of beliefs into one, that states you are worth, much, much, more."

Her expertise in providing simple and applicable ideas for creating the prosperous life you want, has led to her being invited to give testimony to some of the most inspiring teachers of today including Swami Kriyananda and Mark Douglas.  Paula has a wealth of knowledge, all stemming from the simple belief that everyone can build a foundation of creating a prosperous mindset.

"Nothing is too small or insignificant not to be viewed and believed as an accomplishment in your life. Believing in your simplest achievement, even from years ago, can mean the difference between making it big ~ or not making it at all."

"Paula T" is:

  • an invited speaker at numerous conferences across the U.S. including the Financial Forum, Financial Expo, Woodies CCI Club 'Trade-a-Long', Fibonacci Trader, INTA Annual Congress, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Expo, Simpler Trading Financial Conference
  • invited to host webinars on trading goal achievement for brokerage firms in Chicago for a number of years
  • invited to provide commentary for WizeTradeTV, 21st Century Investments, KXAM Financial Radio, Achieve Radio
  • host of her "Elite Traders" chat room with Woodies CCI Club for 2 1/2 years - the only chat room at the time that addressed the Psychology of Prosperity during market hours
  • awarded Silver and Bronze Medals hosted by Arizona State University during their essay competitions in 2011 and 2014
  • elected to the Executive Board of Directors for INTA in 2015; and is a District President for INTA since 2004
  • awarded the "Golden Rule" Certificate by the State of Arizona for exemplifying ethics in the workplace in 2003
  • awarded the "Presidential Achievement Award" for services to the community in 1988 and 1992
  • elected to the Board of Directors of the independent ministry U.B. in 2017

She has also been invited to create programs for The Discovery Center in Chicago; Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix; Maricopa County Community Colleges to name a few ~ as well as for local churches and small businesses.  Paula is an ordained New Thought minister; was awarded a Master's in Counseling; and awarded a PhD
in Philosophy.

With this extensive experience, she brings an abundance of teaching and mentoring to the table to help you master your financial goals! 
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Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"