Legal Notice regarding Piracy & Illegal Internet downloads

from Paula T. Webb

For several years now, there have been instances of Internet piracy of the Mark Douglas materials.  This piracy ranges from free downloads of his books, his videos, and pirated videos of his workshops.

You all know that this is illegal.

This Notice is not 'sour grapes.'  This is strictly "business!"

The piracy of Mark's materials was always a mystery to him - he was so generous, that all anyone, or any firm, had to do was ask for permission to use his materials, and he usually gave it.  As a matter of fact, we have had a "permissions" form on both his website and mine for decades.

To be clear - it doesn't matter where you find any links to our materials - I own all the Mark Douglas materials through federal and international copyrights and trademarks, and inheritance, including all foreign translations - and you know it is illegal to post/download/teach/pirate any of the materials - anywhere

You know this - otherwise you would have contacted us for permission!

Moving forward, as of today, please know - this piracy will be pursued.  Meaning, if you currently have posted and/or are using any materials by Mark Douglas or myself, understand that not only will I know who you are (this is facilitated in part by daily e-mails from people who respect Mark and myself, providing our legal team with your illegal links) - the links will be documented forensically, they will be removed, and there will be financial restitution.  These are facts, not fiction, and actions that have been accomplished. 

No one, nor any organization, is legally allowed to build a business, sell a product or service,

or make money - using Mark's lifetime body of work in any way, and certainly not with any type

of endorsement, implied or otherwise.  He never knew you, nor did he endorse any of your

products or services.   Nor have I.   Do your own work.  Write your own books. 

To have even more fun, our legal team will be posting a "Trading Hall Of Shame" on social media in the very near future!  This list will include the names of all trading firms, all individuals - in other words - anyone or any organization - that chooses to illegally pirate/post/download/teach the Mark Douglas materials, or any of my materials.  This public posting will allow your customers, or the customers you want to hire you, or buy your product or service - decide if they want to work with someone or some organization who steals other people's materials. 

Do yourself a favor and remove all postings of the Mark Douglas materials, or any materials of mine - anywhere you have posted them, including in your private rooms and social media - before it may become embarrassing for you in a very public way! 

Have a nice day - and feel free to contact me for more information!

Paula T Webb  brings to you -

the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"