She assists you in not only determining what your goals may be - but how to navigate past any outdated beliefs or ideas that may be limiting your financial success...

Here is a list of our most popular services and products.  If you find you have a different concept that may work better for you, feel free to call Paula at 760-832-9297 - she is always happy to create a program for your specific idea.  When our scheduled workshops are sold out - we are happy to schedule a personalized "Elite Trader" workshop just for you!


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Making sure all is in balance in your quest for financial freedom...

"Paula T" provides you with the opportunity to update your current thought processes - with beliefs that are in alignment with your goals...

Paula's "one-on-one" coaching is a good fit for anyone seeking a higher financial future - no matter what level of experience!  If you are looking for expertise in creating, maintaining, and sustaining your focus to achieve your financial goals this is a good place to start.  All sessions are 1-hour in length, and include follow-up exercises for you to complete.

"Paula T" - Performance In The Moment coaching!  If you are having a crisis - whether in a losing trade or otherwise and can't wait for an appointment, this program is for you.  All sessions are a 1-hour minimum and up to a 2-hour maximum - and include accompanying follow-up exercises for you to complete.

The trading industry classics - where it all began!

"The Path To Consistency™" Workshop - for advanced traders seeking to take their trading the next level.

"How To Think Like a Professional Trader™" - for those traders with less than five years' experience trading full-time.

"Paula T" - Mentorship!  Want a more long-term mentorship - look no further.  "Paula T" provides you with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and more to assist you in not only achieving your goals - but making sure you stay on track.

So that you can achieve your highest goals - whether physical, mental or financial!

Becoming The Disciplined Trader daily trading workbook - and Prosperous Feng Shui for Traders.  In the trading workbook, you are asked a series of questions to complete - this will give you historical data to keep track of your trading mindset.  In the feng shui workbook - you learn how having the highest positive space to work in - leads to your highest financial results.  Both include exercises to complete.