"Paula T" provides you with the opportunity to update your current thought processes - with beliefs that are in alignment with your goals...

Paula's "one-on-one" coaching is a good fit for anyone seeking a higher financial future - no matter what level of experience!  If you are looking for expertise in creating, maintaining, and sustaining your focus to achieve your financial goals this is a good place to start.  All sessions are 1-hour in length, and include follow-up exercises for you to complete.

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The trading industry classic - updated for today's trader and current markets!

"The Path to Consistency™" and "Elite Trader" workshops have been revamped as the "Becoming The Disciplined Trader" workshop!  This interactive workshop is for advanced traders seeking to take their trading the next level. 

LIVE ONLY - located in Palm Springs - limited to 5 serious traders only.  Book this Intensive workshop now - and "get your mind right!"  (We will also host the workshop at your office.  Call or contact us for more details!)

The Psychology of Winning - In this DVD - you will learn how having the most positive mindset with all your thought processes leads to your highest financial results.  The only authorized version.  ONLY available through our LIVE "Becoming the Disciplined Trader" workshops.

"Paula T" - Mentorship!  Do you need material for your Blog or channel?  Look no further.  "Paula T" provides you with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and more commentary to assist you in not only achieving your goals - but making sure you stay on track.

So that you can achieve your highest goals - whether physical, mental or financial!

Becoming The Disciplined Trader daily trading workbook - in this trading workbook, you are asked a series of questions to complete - this will give you historical data to keep track of your trading mindset.   A must-do for any serious investor.

Do you want to Trade Together?  Do you need personal one-on-one trading experience?  Paula is now available to trade with you daily or weekly.  Contact our office for more details.

"How To Think Like a Professional Trader™" - for those traders with less than five years' experience trading full-time - a must for anyone seeking to learn how the markets really work.  Available soon on our website!


She assists you in not only determining what your goals may be - but how to navigate past any outdated beliefs or ideas that may be limiting your financial success...

Making sure all is in balance in your quest for financial freedom...


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Go to our Shopping Page for a complete list of all our products,

or give our office a call!  Please note these are the ONLY legal versions.