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Listed here are a few resources for you.  Please note they are not listed in any order of importance, nor is there any implied or fee-based endorsement on our part.  These resources are, however, ones we know and have used.  As with any resource, do your own independent research to see if what they provide may work for you.  Feel free to call us with questions!


Hemi-Sync’s binaural beat CDs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states to provide you with improved wellness.

Ricardo Griego

Inspired by nature itself. The sculpted formation of a sand dune, the drop of water on a leaf, the running sound of a stream are all music to him and he curiously finds those elements weaving themselves into his musical fabric.

Larry Pesavento

We can help you learn to recognize and profitably trade chart patterns using Fibonacci ratios along with recurring patterns and proven trade management techniques.

Deanna Councill

Dealing with Spirit and soul by listening, praying, and respecting the person's beliefs and journey, always according to  Divine Will - Deanna walks with you thru the healing process or the dark night of the soul, to provide true wellness of being.

Woodies CCI Club

We now have a Futures and Stock room trading the patterns with the WoodiesBars on the CCI. Hoping you will join us as we have some great trades with the WoodiesBars.