Most people in the trading community have little to no idea just "who" Mark Douglas is or who he was.  He chose to be a very private man - especially when it came to his spiritual beliefs, because he did not want to create any possible discomfort toward anyone in any fashion.  Therefore, he kept most of his daily personal practices to himself.  More on who he was will be made available in the coming months through his biography, new books on his investment and spiritual practices, and the upcoming docu-drama.

Quite a few traders, however, do know that Mark meditated, and wrote in his personal journals every day.  This was one modality he shared easily, as meditation and journaling can also be known as prayer - which is a universal term for seeking a higher path through recognition of a Higher Power.  With that said, we are now providing information about the spiritual/metaphysical services of several people we have worked with and known for years. 

In the drop-down menu you will find information about Deanna Councill - a talented woman not only through her real estate career, but also through her ability to heal others seeking peace.  You will also find information about Tara Brandel - a Registered Respiratory Therapist providing traditional therapies, as well as more spiritual therapies through Reiki, Astrology, and Tarot.

Mark and I have known both of these professional women for well over a decade.  We have worked with Deanna on real estate transactions as well as spiritual matters; and with Tara Brandel who was referred to us by one of her respiratory therapy clients.  We have provided a brief background for both of them here and testimonials for your review. 

Please note - all services provided by Deanna and Tara are through their respective offices -

we provide details here for your information only.  Feel free to contact them through their

individual contact forms for specific details.

For more information on other metaphysical and spiritual resources that Mark Douglas and I practice,
feel free to contact me.