"Tara is really great.  She is kind and caring, and put me at ease upon our first meeting.  I  know that she truly cares about those she works with."

Dave S. - New York

"I studied metaphysical principles for 30+ years, and I know through my studies and spiritual practices, that you either have a mindset of knowing and believing that all comes from The Source, or you don't.  Tara definitely has that knowledge, as well as the gift of compassion, understanding, and healing...that comes from tapping into that higher source."

Mark Douglas


"I have a Masters in Education and primarily worked with abused/battered women in my career.  One of the healing mechanisms I always like to use is to refer clients to someone with a strong spiritual background, and who knows that all healing comes from our highest thoughts.  Tara is one of those individuals that not only knows this, but practices it."

Rev. John - Chicago IL

"When I was first introduced to Tara at a social gathering, I instantly knew there was something very special about her.  Not only is she expert as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, she is also adept at making you feel comfortable and safe, no matter what healing may need to occur.  During our first session, she provided me with insight with regard to moving forward in financial matters, but more so, was instrumental in healing some matters of the heart, after my great loss."

Paula T. Webb, PhD


"Had a great session with Tara - very informative and enlightening."

Michael L. - California