Tara Brandel, RRT

Tara is well-known in the medical field – as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) for over 14 years, she has been providing healing through respiratory therapies, primarily for those undergoing the physical challenges associated within late-stage lung disease.  Her compassionate approach to those she cares for in this position, is accentuated by her strong sense of spirituality and connection to a Higher Power.

Tara initially began her education in the fields of Astrology and Tarot through family members who practiced both modalities - who too also had the gift of healing.  This early initiation into the spiritual realm of healing has led to her lifelong passion in Astrology and Tarot to this day – combined with her medical background. 

Tara has continued to expand that education from her early years for 22 years, studying Astrology and Tarot in Lake Constanz, Germany under the tutelage of Carmen Abali, which also lead to learning and instilling the unique healing arts of Reiki into her healing repertoire, eventually becoming Master Reiki.

With this exceptional background, blending Western and Eastern philosophies, she brings to you a safe, healing environment.

Through Tarot and Astrology Tara provides insight and inspiration:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Yearly month-to-month future projection
  • And more

Through her expertise as Reiki Master she will provide you with an energy balance to open any existing limiting blocks you may have – to allow you to experience a balanced and abundant future.

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