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the "Discipline of Prosperity Psychology"


The "ART" of Mark Douglas

To those of you who were close friends with Mark, you will remember all of his art!  Many times as he would sit with a client, or a friend, or over a meal whether at home or at a favorite restaurant - while chatting about spiritual or philosophical ideals he would reach for a "Flair" fine-point marker, a #2 pencil, or whatever color pen might be within reach, and a blank piece of paper to start drawing what was in his mind and his vision in that particular set of moments.

While traveling, he also felt inspiration reach him as he finished up a speech or presentation, sometimes in his hotel room, or while resting on a flight back home - but his most artistic times occurred while working on a specific book project, when his inspiration would appear to create an artistic piece as he searched for the most appropriate words to write to bring clarity to his readers.

Mark and I compiled his artwork in the spring of 2015 - intending to share them with the general trading public at our upcoming workshops to fund his favorite charity.  Few people - outside of our inner circle - have had the privilege to view his 'inspired abstracts' as he amusingly called them; those of you who did see them were eager to have one for your office or home, but this was a private side of Mark and not one he wanted to share publicly at the time.  However, being the generous man he was, Mark eventually agreed to produce limited copies of his private art for those who had requested he do so - which is in reality, some of his most private spiritual thoughts and works.

We are now excited to offer through "BUH Productions," in accordance with Mark's wishes, the offering of a limited number of signed, authentic pieces of lithographic abstract art created by Mark Douglas. Each piece states when, where, and why it was created - thus allowing the trader, and art lover, to know what it represents.

Most, if not all, of Mark's artistic endeavors are abstract in nature - some are geometric, some have abstract characters.  A few are in full color, and others are in monotone or black & white.  They range in size (unframed) from 8" x 10" down to 3" x 5"; prices will range from $3,000.00 to $500.00.  All net proceeds from the art sales will be given to The Hermitage Cat Shelter, which is one of Mark's favorite charities. Graphics depicting his art will be available on this website shortly.

For more information on these upcoming editions, feel free to contact our office for the publication date!